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Resident Evil RE: Verse
Resident Evil RE: Verse

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Resident Evil RE:Verse Getting an Open Beta in April

Will you be playing the beta?

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It may not be for everyone, but many of the closed beta players seemed to really like Resident Evil RE: Verse, Capcom’s newest attempt at finding a good multiplayer option in the Resident Evil universe.

A few months ago, a select few got to give the shooter a try. Resident Evil RE: Verse blends third-person gunplay with B.O.W. counteraction, and honestly, those of us here that got to play it found it to be pretty damn fun. Running around as HUNK, getting gunned down, then surging back as Mr. X is a pretty powerful rush.

Well, to those who are still doubters, or who simply want to give a ride themselves, you’re in luck: Capcom will be bringing it to everyone from April 8th to April 11th.

Resident Evil RE: VERSE
Image: Capcom

Surprisingly, this beta will only be available on the PS4, PC, and Xbox One systems. Those with new consoles will have also be able to participate in the beta, however they will be playing the Xbox One/ PS4 versions, not the Xbox Series X/S or PS5 version. Likely due to console shortages.

The only requirement, aside from having the right platform, is that you have a Capcom ID linked to whatever you intend to play on. Making one is pretty simple, so if you’re looking to get in on the action, nothing can stop you.

As far as maps and characters goes, there’s no information. It may just be another rush of the closed beta’s content, or it could have a few new additions. Either is perfectly possible.

When the time comes, you’ll be able to catch one of our team members playing it over on our Twitch or Facebook Gaming streams.

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