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Resident Evil Animal Crossing
Resident Evil Animal Crossing

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Fan Brings Resident Evil to Their Animal Crossing Island

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It’s always fun to see how fans show their love for a series, and Resident Evil seems to bring that out a lot. From mods to fan films, many people use their creativity to pay homage to the survival horror franchise.

Because of that love, Twitter user ffSade invested a notable amount of time into creating a Resident Evil-inspired village/island in the wildly popular Animal Crossing: New Horizon.

In the showcase above, you can see quite a bit of adoration being put into the process. A few environments are straight transfers, most noteworthy of which being the saferoom. The typewriter, the background, all of it comes together in a fun bit of creative endeavor.

Resident Evil Animal Crossing
Image: ffSade

The outdoor areas are less exact, but their intentions are clear and wonderfully done. This is the closest you can get to the bustling, deadly streets of Raccoon City in Animal Crossing.

Fan projects like this are always fun to see, and we like to try and give them their due spotlight.

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