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resident evil peter fabiano
resident evil peter fabiano

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Long-Time Resident Evil Producer Peter Fabiano Leaves Capcom After 13 Years

So long, Pete! Best of luck in your next projects!

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Long-time Resident Evil producer and Senior Manager of the Global Research and Development department, Peter Fabiano, has left Capcom after 13 years with the company in order to take a position with Bungie.

This shocking announcement comes from a tweet posted by Fabiano himself stating “Hard to write this best so I’ve decided to keep it simple: Thank you, everyone, at Capcom for allowing me to grow together with you over the past 13 years. I’m thankful and will cherish the experience forever.”

It seems as if Fabiano isn’t leaving the industry entirely as he followed up his tweet with a statement saying that he did take a job with Bungie presumably to work on the Destiny video game series.

Eyes up guardian.

Peter Fabiano

“Thanks to everyone both in and outside the studio that have supported me over the years. I’ve taken a new position at Bungie working with some great people and continuing my journey. “Eyes up guardian.”

Peter Fabiano is well known as a producer for multiple Resident Evil titles including 7 and Village as well as the remakes for Resident Evil 2 and 3. In Resident Evil 7 he was the voice and model for Sewer Gator, Peter “Pete” Walken.

Resident Evil 7 Peter Walken
Image: Capcom

He also served as the localization director for Resident Evil Revelations and also contributed to Resident Evil 5 and Darkside Chronicles as well as lending his talents to Capcom’s other mainstay, Devil May Cry.

We wish Peter the best in his future endeavors and can’t wait to see the amazing work he will contribute to Bungie!

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