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Resident Evil Outrage
Resident Evil Outrage
Image: Biohazard Declassified / EvilVR

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[Rumor] Resident Evil Outrage, Might Just be… Outrageous

So what’s all the Outrage about?

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So here we are with E3 2021 just around the corner and with Capcom confirmed to be there, buzz is already flying about the potential for a Resident Evil title announcement, more specifically, Resident Evil Outrage.

So what is Resident Evil Outrage?

So here’s what we do know about this upcoming, yet unannounced Resident Evil title. Last year during the Ragnar hack at Capcom, a roadmap was released leading up to 2025, in it was mention of a title called Resident Evil Outrage. Initially, a lot of speculation was around it with some believing it was Revelations 3, whilst others thought it could be mistranslated and was meant to say Outbreak. However, further going into the hacked files revealed several internal documents directly using Revelations 3 and Outrage interchangeably.

So while we do know Outrage is Revelations 3, the naming is still a mystery. It could be Called Resident Evil Outrage, Resident Evil Revelations 3 with Outrage as a subtitle.

Outside of that, however, nothing else much is known about the title. Other documents include some manifests and invoicing for scans and even some images of clothing scanned to create in-game clothing were seen as well as a few incomplete face models, but nothing else really of note.

That’s what we do know.

Now this is were we get into speculation territory.

For a while now, AestheticGamer aka Dusk Golem has maintained that Rebecca Chambers will be the main protagonist in Revelations 3. According to him, this news first came in 2017 that the title would include Rebecca and be a Nintendo Switch first title, then would eventually come to all platforms.

From there, he received information on what he believed to be a different version of Revelations 3 and thought that’s what Village became, but came to the conclusion they were always two separate games and that his source had his wires crossed.

Interestingly (though super minor), there’s a pair of shoes that were scanned that bear a striking resemblance to previous Rebecca footwear.

So where has Rebecca been this whole time?

Canonically, though while not present in a game since Resident Evil (2001) aside from being a character in Resident Evil 5’s Mercenaries Reunion, Rebecca has been keeping busy in the Resident Evil universe.

After the events of Resident Evil 0 and Resident Evil, we enter the canon stage play Biohazard the Stage, where we learn Rebecca went on to receive a Doctorate in Virology, and in 2005 is when we catch back up with her.

Resident Evil Outrage Rebecca Chambers
Image: Sunrise Productions/Capcom

In 2005, Rebecca was in Minnesota where she assisted the BSAA with a viral outbreak, and then in 2010, she traveled to Australia to investigate Philosophy University for the BSAA. They believed missing persons were related to bioweapon research and another t-Virus outbreak ensued where she was assisted by Chris Redfield and Piers Nivans.

After the events of Resident Evil 6 in China, we again find Rebecca in Resident Evil Vendetta at the Alexander Institute of Biotechnology in Chicago studying the A-Virus and later aiding Chris Redfield and Leon Kennedy in New York City where she is infected with the A-Virus along with many residents of the city, but ultimately she and many others are cured thanks to our heroes’ actions.

Resident Evil Outrage Rebecca Chambers
Image: Sony/Capcom

Obviously, there’s a lot more from both Biohazard the Stage and Resident Evil Vendetta to unpack, this is just a brief synopsis to catch us up to what Rebecca has been doing the past 25 years.

So where does that leave us for Resident Evil Outrage?

As always, here’s where rumors begin so remember to take everything with a grain of salt, and IF TRUE, probably spoils a bit of the plot so fair warning to stop here. I always like to do these with a lot of buffer at the beginning so there’s ample opportunity to stop prior, and that buffer is now gone.

I’ve done my best to try and validate the claims below, but to be honest: I can’t. Though Resident Evil Outrage is all but confirmed at this point, myself and others looking into it haven’t been able to track down anything concrete on it. A theory on that from Dusk Golem is that TOSE is behind the development, as they’ve worked with Capcom in the past on Resident Evil Revelations and Revelations 2, and they are notoriously tight-lipped about projects (which is why they’re able to work with many companies). If that is in fact the case, a job very well done.

However, this is one sliver of information I received on Resident Evil Outrage back in the Summer of 2020 before the hack that I’ve wanted to share after Resident Evil Village released, and admittedly I wanted to release this last month but had been busy with other projects. This information comes from a semi-reliable source that we’ve used in the past for Resident Evil Village, and most of the information was accurate.

I would like to also explain the usage of semi-accurate as well. This person has also given us real-time information in the past that, while not 100% true was mostly true. Let’s just say they said, “John Doe” and “John Smith” were currently working on what they thought was a Resident Evil project, but it wasn’t. However, in research and talking to people, this person shouldn’t have known that “John Doe” and “John Smith” were even working on a project together, or that they were doing it at that moment.

So, semi-accurate information.

So according to the source, sometime last year there was a 1-hour playtest conducted with the codename “Investigation”. Now mind you, a lot of these details also line up with the plot of Biohazard the Stage, but different enough to warrant curiosity of if Capcom is retelling the story in a fresh way to those that might not even know the stageplay exists. Akin to how Resident Evil Village is very reminiscent of Resident Evil 4, but also not a carbon copy of the same formula.

The “Investigation” Playtest

The Resident Evil Outrage “Investigation” playtest starts at night with Rebecca outside the gates of a college campus, where she is investigating the creation of another new virus. Once on the campus, there was a lot of room to walk around and explore, and even students to interact with who are frightened. It wasn’t specified, but my assumption would be these interactions take place during cutscenes.

After exploring the courtyard of the campus, you eventually end up in the college’s library, where you can find a note saying the school’s director is in contact with a company regarding the research.

After reading the files, an infected student then attacks Rebecca with scissors and you’re given the opportunity to either fight or run, a usual Resident Evil trope. Fighting results in receiving a locker key, though it wasn’t stated what was in the locker.

From there, you continue deeper into the main part of the college where you can start exploring rooms such as labs, classrooms, bathrooms, and a cafeteria. All with infected teachers and students that, according to the source, act very much like Resident Evil 5 Manjini and use “school-based” weapons.

While exploring, you eventually come across a key to an office, and upon entering the room and a man comes up behind Rebecca and renders her unconscious ending the playtest.

Rebecca seems to be fragile in the game as well, so there may be some type of health upgrade system involved and the starting weapon was a knife, a trope Resident Evil has used from Jill in Resident Evil to Ethan in Resident Evil 7 and Village. The source also said the game was played in third person.

According to the source, Resident Evil Outrage was testing using a Nintendo Switch and unsurprisingly ran on the RE Engine, much like the new Ghost N’ Goblins and Capcom Arcade Stadium.

The source also believed that Resident Evil Outrage would be announced sometime around E3 this year with a release in the late Fall of 2021. These dates do line up with the leaked Capcom roadmap, but as seen with Village‘s and other Capcom projects, the effect of COVID-19 has pushed things back skewing timelines.

Capcom E3
Image: Capcom

Full disclosure, I’m not as sold on this Resident Evil Outrage rumor as I was on Village when I first wrote the leaked playtest for it, but this is an interesting concept, to say the least. The name Outrage and the implication of how the enemies act (if this rumor is true) is very fitting and gives me a 28 Days Later vibe, and I honestly enjoy that.

For now, we’ll have to wait and see what announcements come at either E3 or possibly during Nintendo’s conference next week, until then, we can only speculate what outrageous thing Capcom can do next.

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