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Resident Evil Nintendo Switch
Resident Evil Nintendo Switch

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Resident Evil on the Nintendo Switch, Buy or Pass?

Survival Horror on the go!

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Resident Evil 0, REmake, and 4 at one time were all Gamecube exclusives. If you were a RE fan in the 2000’s you had to own a Gamecube or you would be missing out on some of the defining games of the series. Resident Evil 1 Remake was and still is in my eyes, the gold standard of a remake. It brought the original into the modern era and this remake is still the best way to experience Resident Evil on the current consoles.

RE0 was an attempt to breathe new life into the franchise with some new mechanics and a slight change of formula. This is kind of a mixed bag though, I like the art and the two-character perspective, but I hate the lack of item boxes and the difficulty spike. And then we have RE4. A turning point for the franchise. What can I say about the game that hasn’t been already said by every other website? It’s a great game and we all have come to expect a port of it on every device (let’s forget the Andriod Version please). The Switch ports also come with an extra $10 added to their price tag making them $30 for each one. Everywhere else you can get it for $20 or cheaper. Now let’s dive into these ports and see if the extra money is well worth it. I’ll be giving each one their own individual rating at the end of their segments.

Resident Evil Zero: Horror Takes Some Time

Resident Evil 0 Rebecca Nintendo Switch
Image: Capcom

I really was excited to play this on the Nintendo Switch. I preloaded and waited to play right at midnight. However, I didn’t realize the waiting wouldn’t stop there. The switch has a horrible issue with load times on this one especially. Every door you go through takes upwards of 20 seconds to load the next area. This is huge for RE. We all have fond memories of the door opening scenes and that was to mask the loading times. The door opens and you are stuck with a loading icon for an eternity. And if you remember, RE0 has alooootttt of doors in its opening section, the train. The train is full of quick runs through the train cars and through the door at the end to the next one. This makes going from one end to the other a hellish chore. Load times aside, the controls always felt weird to me. I played mostly handheld and not using the triggers to aim and shoot, instead of using the slim shoulder buttons felt alien to me. This port was not fun to play and made me just go back to playing it on the PS4.

RE0: 2/10 S.T.A.R.S

Resident Evil Remake: Better than Zero but that’s still nothing

Resident Evil REmake zombie Nintendo Switch
Image: Capcom

Jumping from Zero to the REmake I was excited to see the load times were not nearly as bad. That being said they still felt kinda off. just hair sluggish than the PS4 but not by much. That’s not the only time the game ended up being sluggish though. RE0 and REmake are both locked at 30fps on the Switch. I wouldn’t mind that is REmake actually ran at 30fps when ANYTHING was happening. Standing completely still, it looked fine, but even running dipped the fps down towards 20fps and then add any combat and enemies and you could be hitting 15-18fps. This was unbearable coming from just streaming multiple playthroughs on my PS4. It’s noticeable everywhere in the game. Because of this, I won’t be touching it again until they hopefully patch it.

REmake: 4/10 S.T.A.R.S

Resident Evil 4: Smooth as can be

Resident Evil 4 Leon Nintendo Switch
Image: Capcom

Like I said before, there’s not much about RE4 I can say that you already don’t know. The game has been out since 2005 and has been ported over 10 times. The problems the other ports face are completely absent here. The load times are fine and the game runs at 60fps for the most part, with some small hiccups during heavy combat. Still, not being at 30fps helps this feel superior to the other ports right off the bat. There are no new features and to everyone’s disappointment, not motion or gyro controls. The Wii version was one of my favorites for the console and its sad to see it ignored here. However, it still is the same great game on the go and is one thousand times better than that curse Andriod version. One other thing the Switch port couldn’t fix, one that everyone was hoping for, is that the Blacktail is still in the game, and still sucks ass.

Resident Evil 4: 8.5/10 S.T.A.R.S

Hopefully, this helped you decide for yourself whether the $30 is worth it on any of these ports for the Nintendo Switch. I would advise you to Pass on RE Zero and REmake but it is completely worth it to pick up RE4. Hopefully, we will see some patches to fix the issues stated above. I will always support more RE content on the switch, just something about RE portable is always a good idea. If you don’t agree or have any comments, please let us know!

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Dylan is an avid Resident Evil streamer on Twitch.


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