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Resident Evil Netflix
Resident Evil Netflix

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Live-Action Resident Evil Netflix Series Showrunner Gives Details

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We’ve touched on the various upcoming Resident Evil entries, both in gaming and in cinema. A movie, a CG series, and Resident Evil Village, all seemingly slated for release next year. 2021 looks to be the Year of Resident Evil.

We’ve also mentioned a live-action series, destined for Netflix and following two new characters, daughters of Wesker.

While the series definitely seems strange in its premise, the showrunner Andrew Dabb (famous for also running Supernatural) spoke recently to Showbiz CheatSheet clarify some things.

Resident Evil Netflix
Image: Gage Skidmore

Most importantly, he stated something important: the series is a sequel to the games, while the live-action movie will be its own canon. This means that, rather than adapting an existing plot, the Netflix series will instead be forging its own path.

“It’s actually all under the same banner because the same company has the rights to both,” explains Dabb. “The movie is very much a dramatization of the first two games a little bit. The story we’re telling is a bit of a continuation of the game where all eight games are kind of our backstory, but we’re doing some new things.”

So the live-action film will be more faithful to the games, unlike the Paul Anderson films and the live action show will kind of be a follow up to the game series as a whole. Also because they’re all the same company, it sounds like they’ll be working closely together.

resident evil stills milla jovovich 4 hero
Image: New Legacy Film

Dabb says he’ll bring the same love to Resident evil as he did Supernatural

I love Resident Evil, the game, the characters and the story.

Andrew Dabb

Dabb successfully took Supernatural to its 15th season. That also gives him experiences with zombies and other monsters, so it would appear Resident Evil is in good hands. 

“The lesson I got from working on Supernatural is that you always work better on things that you love,” Dabb told Showbiz CheatSheet. “I really love Supernatural and I think that’s why I was able to not get fired for so many years. When it’s come to new things, I’ve really just looked at things that I knew I would love. I love Resident Evil, the game, the characters and the story.”

He also explained that the delay of Supernatural‘s final season caused a delay in this series as well.

“We were supposed to start shooting this summer,” he said. “We now hope to start shooting it next year.”

Hopefully, it won’t be too long into we hear more info on this one.

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