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Resident Evil Multiplayer Title RE: VERSE Gets Announced - 2 min read

Resident Evil RE: VERSE

The mystery surrounding the closed beta test that was upcoming was answered during the Resident Evil Village Showcase with the announcement of Resident Evil RE: VERSE.

This multiplayer add-on for Resident Evil Village looks to be something of a Resident Evil All-Stars title. While we only see a bit of what’s on display, it looks to be a PVP game that lets you pick from all of your favorite characters to duke it out with opponents.

Resident Evil RE: VERSE
Image: Capcom

There also seems to be a gameplay mechanic that allows you to be some of the most iconic B.O.W.s in the series. The way that you do this is uncertain, but I have a theory that we’ll be seeing something similar to how Ultimates work in other shooters like Overwatch.


Some of the characters that we saw on display were Leon, Claire, and Jill. Some surprises were seeing Jack and HUNK as playable characters, as well as Chris showing up in his Resident Evil 7 iteration. As far as B.O.W.s, we’ve seen Nemesis and Mr. X in his tyrant form, as well as what seems to be a Hunter Gamma.

Hopefully, we’ll be able to give you some information on the beta. If all else fails, we’ll find someone to give us the details once THEY get into it.

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