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What if Capcom Already Told Us Another Resident Evil Game Was Tested - 3 min read

Remember when Capcom sent out the initial email that asking for beta testers right before the announcement of Project Resistance?

Resident Evil 8

Resident Evil 8 rumors have been since Resident Evil 7 released back in 2017. From Evil VR taking to Twitter and stated that RE8 would be very similar to the RE4 Hook Man demo from the past to this week with GameRant covering a rumor that broke on 4chan claiming that next month (February 5th) that we would see a PS5 reveal alongside a reveal of Resident Evil 8.

We know the PS5 is set for a 2020 holiday season launch, so we are all but certain that RE3 will be the final release for the franchise on current-gen, destining the next RE title to be on the future consoles. Plus we also know that the Resident Evil Ambassador program will also be taking new testers in the near future.

But what if we missed something…

Remember when Capcom sent out that initial email that asking for beta testers right before the announcement of Project Resistance that sparked all the rumors of the Resident Evil 3 remake?

I’d all but forgotten about the details until I was going through my inbox this evening and I stumbled across the email. I remember the disappointment of not being chosen to be part of the testing process, but while reading over the email the wording caught my eye…

Screen Shot 2020 01 22 at 1.35.37 AM
Resident Evil Ambassador Email. Image: Capcom

“Today, we’re reaching out to recruit potential testers from our loyal RE Ambassador community to try out a new game in early development.”

A new game in early development

Of course, when we received this email in August, the answer was obvious, it was Resident Evil 3. Then we were all thrown for a loop when we got the trailer for Project Resistance, though some, like myself, were almost certain that it would still be RE3 and we were right.

But even though we were right, I think we were still wrong.

We all thought the obvious, with Resident Evil 2 remake being a success RE3 just fit as a sure thing. Especially with the development team stating if interest was there it would be possible. Then we got the trailer at Sony’s State of Play and all the beta testing emails were lost to memory until Capcom sent out a followup saying there would be new opportunities in the future which we know believe to be for RE8.

We know the original testing took place in New York and L.A. in September according to the email, but after the reveal of Resistance, why didn’t we see these select people talk about their experience? Those who tested Resistance during the open beta and NYCC talked about their experiences, so why haven’t the first testers ever came forward? I think I might have the answer.

What if those old beta tests were for Resident Evil 8 or another RE title?

Looking back at the email with the information we have now, those tests being for RE3 or Resistance doesn’t actually make sense anymore. We now know that Resident Evil 3‘s development started alongside 2 and as of the reveal was around 90% complete. So calling RE3 “early in development” seems like a stretch at this point.

Obviously, I am completely basing this off the wording in the email, but it does make sense. It would also explain the hush from the original testers given they’d most likely be under an NDA. Nevertheless, it’s an interesting thought given Capcom’s choice of words and us now knowing what we know now. Maybe we will be in for a surprise soon after all!

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