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Resident Evil News

Resident Evil Map Added Back to Dead By Daylight for Custom Matches

Well, it’s a start…

Resident Evil x Dead By Daylight
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Behaviour Interactive has published a patch for Dead By Daylight that allows players to fight it out in the new Racoon City Police Station, but only for custom matches “while we continue to investigate certain stability issues.”

While the debut of the new Resident Evil Chapter represents one of the largest collaborations in the game’s history, the enormous enthusiasm has been hampered significantly by continuous performance issues that are affecting console gamers hard. When the map was first released, players’ games crashed while attempting to load into normal ranked play, and the map was shortly deactivated.

Resident Evil x Dead By Daylight
Image: Behaviour Interactive

Since the new chapter’s release on June 15, players have had plenty of opportunities to terrorize as the new Killer, Nemesis, while Survivors have had the opportunity to play as Jill Valentine and Leon Kennedy, with various great-looking cosmetics and Legendary skins for each. But the aggravation builds with every passing day that the new map remains unanswered. It’s easy to sympathize with players, especially since it’s been almost a year since a new map with Midwich Elementary School in the Silent Hill Chapter was introduced into Dead By Daylight.

On a more positive note, the ability to tour the Racoon City Police Station in Dead By Daylight custom games is certainly a step in the right direction, and the next natural step will be its complete inclusion in ranked play. Although you could gather a group of buddies and explore the new map in this manner, most players are unlikely to do so.

The devs are undoubtedly working hard to attract gamers inside the Racoon City Police Station, and there is a silver lining in all of this. The Dead By Daylight Anniversary Event kicks off on June 30, which is less than a week away, and a new map would be the ideal way to get things started as players burn through their event cakes to soak up as many Blood Points as possible! We’re crossing our fingers that we’ll be able to walk those halls shortly.

Source: TheGamer

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