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A Gorgeous (But Expensive) Resident Evil Licker Bust Is Coming - 2 min read

A high price, for a highly detailed piece!

Resident Evil licker purearts

Nothing beats a good statue. That’s just the truth. The more detailed ones can really draw the eye and add a little panache to any collection. Usually, you can build a whole section of your collection by using a bust or statue as the centerpiece.

If you agree with that sentiment, then you’ll be excited to know that PureArts is making a full-scale, highly detailed bust of the now-infamous Resident Evil 2 Licker. Known for their excellent work for franchises such as Cyberpunk 2077, Dark Souls, and Assassin’s Creed.

Resident Evil licker purearts
Image: PureArts

This mammoth statue depicts not only the head but even the shoulders and upper chest of the fleshy monster from Resident Evil. This means that every tendon and sinew is 1:1 and horrifying. You can even see the blood vessels in its tongue.

There’s some bad news, however; this gorgeous piece will not come at a small price. To snag this beauty, an interested party will have to part with a whopping $899. To add to that, this item is going to see a limited run, with only 666 being made before they disappear off the market forever.

If none of this deters you, though, then you can snag a pre-order of this monstrosity here. Good luck to any intrepid collectors out there trying to snag their 1/666th of this Resident Evil pie.

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