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Resident Evil Ambassador Announcement: What’s the Deal with June 10th? - 2 min read

Gold members of the Resident Evil Ambassador program were told of a special announcement on June 10th.

Resident Evil Ambassador

As part of Resident Evil Ambassador Program, Gold members were warned of a ‘big announcement’, could this be what we think it will be? With any luck, it could be Resident Evil 8. If you want to read the rumors on the highly anticipated title, we have had our ear to the ground on this thread.

However. as much as we want this to be the case, all may not be as it seems. Discussions with members who have seen this alert on their Ambassador accounts, make it lean towards that it may just be Gold members being upgraded to ‘Platinum’ status on the Ambassador program, which will, in turn, accept you in as a ‘full Resident Evil Ambassador’.

As evidence, The Official Resident Evil/ Biohazard Ambassador Twitter account, REBHFun, posted the following, mentioning the date in red.

As it would appear, the Platinum membership level seems to be invite-only requiring a review process. We would assume this is to make sure those with the correct amount of points have not abused or cheated the point system.

Resident Evil Ambassador
Image: Resident Evil Ambassador Program

The key to all of this is the wording. In the Tweet sent out by the Ambassador program, they say they’re “considering if they clear the conditions of Platinum rank” and the wording on those gold member profiles says “being decided” and “We cannot reveal details of the decision-making process”. Also it would seem that June 10th isn’t an actual hard date given they say “around”.

While we obviously can’t rule out a Resident Evil 8 announcement, this tweet seems to clear up that this “announcement” is just those Gold members learning if they’re going Platinum or not.

While we’d love to see a trailer or announcement around this time it doesn’t seem likely. Though if the leaks about RE8 releasing in 2021 are true, we could likely see a trailer as early as next month.

Whatever happens, Biohazard Declassified will have fingers on the pulse to bring you the latest and greatest in the Resident Evil Universe.

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