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Resident Evil Infinite Darkness Gets New Promo Art and Voice Cast - 4 min read

New information on the new series!

Resident Evil Infinite Darkness

After quite a few months of silence on the topic, Capcom has finally given us some information about Resident Evil Infinite Darkness.

The two biggest pieces to come from these tweets are the Japanese voice cast and clarification on the nature of Resident Evil Infinite Darkness as a whole.

Voice Cast

Firstly, Japanese fans now know who will be playing the two main figures. That being said, those cast will come as no surprise to those who are in the know; both actor as returning from their run in the Resident Evil 2 remake.

Toshiyuki Morikawa is returning as Leon S. Kennedy. Meanwhile, Yuuko Kaida will once again don the red jacket of Claire Redfield.

For Western fans, this probably does very little for us, as we’ve grown up with different voices. We won’t likely be able to imagine these two. However, I’m sure there are some fans who have played Resident Evil 2 in Japanese who know what’s up.

On the Western side of things, we’ve got a separate tweet from our good friend, Nick Apostolides, that he will be returning as Leon.

Alongside him, Stephanie Panisello will also be coming back as Claire. This is exciting, as both of these voice actors have become favorites for both characters.

Series or Movie?

The last time we talked about Resident Evil Infinite Darkness, there was a bit of confusion. While it had originally been heard of as a series through Netflix, the small mention of it during the showcase earlier this year lead many, us included, to believe that it would be a movie instead.

This has thankfully been clarified as of now. We know now, for certain, that Resident Evil Infinite Darkness is going to be a “serial drama”. This means that we’ll be seeing Claire and Leon in multiple episodes.

How many episodes, however, is still unclear. The only extra pieces of information we’ve gained are a few pictures of Leon and Claire together. While that sounds mediocre, one has to remember that many of their appearances together see them separated for large swathes of time.

While we still don’t know when we’ll be seeing this series, we’ll keep you updated as more information is brought to us.

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