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Resident Evil Infinite Darkness
Resident Evil Infinite Darkness

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Resident Evil Infinite Darkness Merch Coming in August

More goodies for your collection

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Later this month, a line of Resident Evil Infinite Darkness products will be released. A collection of acrylic standees, keychains, and an exclusive MAD DOGS bag are among the items available.

In August, a total of six acrylic standees and eight acrylic keychains will be available for purchase. The MAD DOGS bag, on the other hand, is available for pre-order now and will arrive in September 2021.

A total of six acrylic standees include Shen Mei, Jason, Leon S. Kennedy, and Claire Redfield. Each of the ordinary models will cost 1,320 yen ($11). Two more Leon and Claire standees will be available for purchase. These are much larger than typical acrylic standees and will set you back 1,760 yen ($15).

Exclusive keychains are included in the second batch of Resident Evil Infinite Darkness merchandise. Each set will include four keychains, for a total of eight keychains to be obtained.

The first keychain set includes a square cutout of Shen Mei, Jason, Leon, or Claire, as well as a second tag with the series’ title. Each keychain will set you back 1,760 yen ($15). The second set of keychains will be significantly less expensive, costing 1,210 yen (about $10).

Finally, the MAD DOGS bag is ready for purchase right now. The purse will set you back 18,700 yen, or about $169. It can be worn over the shoulder or attached to your leg in two different ways. The bag is expected to arrive in early September 2021.

You can find these items here.

Source: Siliconera

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