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Resident Evil Infinite Darkness Gets Mention at Showcase - 1 min read

Resident Evil Infinite Darkness

Many fans were hoping that we’d hear more about the upcoming CGI Resident Evil Netflix series, called Resident Evil Infinite Darkness.

While the series was mentioned, we didn’t see anything new visually and were only given a small tidbit of information. This information does change our perspective on the series, in fairness.

Resident Evil Infinite Darkness
Image: Capcom

Based on what the director has said, it looks like Resident Evil Infinite Darkness will take place a few years after Resident Evil 4.


This places it firmly before Resident Evil 5, also predating Leon’s appearances in both of the other Resident Evil CG titles, Damnation and Vendetta.

Sadly, that’s all that we know for now. Hopefully, we’ll see a full trailer or something soon.

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