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Resident Evil Gaiden Set to Return with Upcoming RE2 Mod

Creator of Barry’s and Marvin’s Mod is back with a fresh take on a hidden gem…

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Being a product of its time, Resident Evil Gaiden was a very creative project given its limitations of being on the Game Boy Color.

Many Resident Evil fans didn’t get a chance to experience it, or won’t experience it because of the console it was on, which is extremely sad given the characters and storyline involved in the game.

Image result for resident evil gaiden barry
Image: Capcom

The game chronicles the story of Barry Burton (Yes, a Barry Burton main character Resident Evil) who is deployed to a passenger ship to confirm the status of Leon S. Kennedy, after HQ loses contact.

The Ship, the Starlight, is said to be carrying a new type of B.O.W. developed by Umbrella.

Image result for resident evil gaiden shooting
Image: Capcom

Resident Evil Gaiden is best known for its unique shooting mechanic, which had not been present in any Resident Evil game up until then.

It involved meeting a line on the screen to ensure a hit on the enemy. Again, using the limitations of the GBC, Gaiden opted to use this format instead of the traditional shooting mechanics.

Overall, Resident Evil Gaiden wasn’t received well but serves as an oddity in the Resident Evil universe.

However, prolific modder Aydan Watkins is back and hoping to remedy this situation, attempting to import Resident Evil Gaiden into the classic fixed camera Resident Evil Engine.

Releasing only a short sample through his Twitter, Aydan showed off the initial Ship Deck area, showing free movement with a new Barry Burton Model. He has even re-created the opening scene, in full 3D.

Screenshot 20210211 183725 Office
Image: Aydan Watkins

In an official press release, Aydan and the team says:

This will be a new mod created using the PC Resident Evil 2 (1998) as it’s engine of choice. It will be a faithful recreation of the Game Boy Color original however it will also feature an ‘Arrange Mode’ which will have things slightly changed to fit into the existing RE lore. Obviously, there will be some compromises which will have to be made which is to be expected when there’s no open-source code and no official tools for development however we aim to create a fun playable recreation.

Aydan Watkins, Resident Evil Gaiden Remake
Screenshot 20210211 183820 Office
Image: Aydan Watkins

The Resident Evil Gaiden Remake Team

Aydan Watkins : Project Lead, SCD Coder & Mod Developer
Kampy: Co-Project Lead & 3D Artist (Backgrounds)
Leigi: 3D Artist (Models & Textures)
Andrew Coyte: 3D Artist & Sound (Models, Textures & Music)
3lric: Tool Programmer & Additional Support (RDT Creation & More)

Screenshot 20210211 183949 Office
Image: Aydan Watkins


Official Twitter:
Project Donation & Support:
Aydan Twitter:
LeigiBoy Twitter:
3lric Twitter:

Expect regular updates through the months at

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