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Resident Evil Fan Remakes The Arklay Mansion in Unreal Engine 4 [Interview]

“It’s a mansion, It’s gigantic!’

Resident Evil Mansion Brent Little
6 min read

The word ‘Remake’ has become somewhat synonymous with the Resident Evil Series. In 2002, the original Resident Evil was re-imagined with new hardware, story-line paths and a complete redesign of certain areas to truly bring an organic survival horror experience. More recently, with the release of Resident Evil 2 2019, it gave newer Resident Evil fans a chance to go back in time to RE-live Claire and Leon’s tragic story in Raccoon City.

It is only natural that the Resident Evil community gives back to the source material by creating mods to keep Resident Evil alive. Brent Little, from Down Under, has set out to do exactly this. Brent Little is a freelance designer and artist based in Wollongong, Australia. Throughout his career, he has had the opportunity to work with many clients including theatre companies and businesses. He is dedicated to his craft and always strives for perfection whilst creating innovative and striking designs.

Render 05
Resident Evil Mansion Interior. Image: Brent Little

Brent has re-created the classic Mansion from the 2002 reimagining of Resident Evil with the Unreal Engine 4. To say it looks spectacular is quite the understatement. We recently sat down and spoke with Brent to give us a backstory and process in creating this awesome piece.

WOW! What a Mansion!

Q: What is your background, give us a brief introduction on yourself and what you do?

A: I’m Brent, an artist from the south coast of Australia. I have been creating art, designing, and illustrating most of my life. I currently work as a Graphic Designer but have a strong passion for video game design and creation, working with 3D programs for over a decade; creating animations, game environments and assets. My main goal is to work in the gaming industry, and I will keep learning and strengthening my skill set until that is a possibility.

Resident Evil Mansion Exterior
Resident Evil Mansion Exterior. Image: Brent Little Creative

Q: Why did you choose the mansion to recreate? 

A: I first played Resident Evil back in 1996 and I was blown away by the technology and beauty of it. It was one of the first games I ever played to completion and has since been a massive love of mine. In 2002 when the Remake was announced for Nintendo GameCube, I was ecstatic – I spent many hours watching trailers and videos prior to release, marvelling at the stunning revamped mansion. At this point I was creating simple assets in 3D, but my skill level was far from being able to create the mansion (even though I gave it a few attempts!).

I recreated the first floor of the set from the TV show ‘Charmed’ a few years ago, learning a lot throughout the process and I felt I now have the skillset where I could start recreating the mansion and hope to do it justice.

Q: How long did it take you to get a working concept?:

A: The entire main hall took 11 months to create. The first few weeks were spent planning and blocking out the environment to ensure the assets aligned and fit together properly. The block-out stage was crucial so I could adjust and change the model quickly to be as accurate as possible without spending too much time on details.

The giant painting at the top of the stairs was a major part of the main hall but surprisingly has very little reference except for some in-game screenshots. The only option to recreating the hall as authentically as possible was to paint the picture myself which was incredibly time consuming. I felt the painting would be a make-or-break asset, so I finalised the painting first.

Resident Evil Mansion Interior
Resident Evil Mansion Interior. Image: Brent Little Creative

Q: What are your aspirations for the Mansion recreation, and what is planned for upcoming updates to the projects:

A: Over the next few months I hope to create most of the rooms featured in the game including exterior scenes and the caves. Because the original games were static environment plates with a 3D character model placed on top, my goal for this project is to make it as immersive and interactive as possible. I would love to have the mansion as a playable level for people to download and experience for themselves, like it never has been before.

Q: Where can we find you online and be notified of upcoming updates to this project?

A: You can find me on Facebook at:, where I post updates of everything I am currently working on. I also have Instagram at: and my website is due to launch this month at:

Resident Evil Mansion Interior
Resident Evil Mansion Interior. Image: Brent Little Creative

Q: And lastly, what is your favourite Resident Evil game?

A: I enjoy each and every entry in the series, but my favourite would be Resident Evil REmake (2002). The game is a masterpiece in every sense of the word; the lighting, the models, the claustrophobic, tense atmosphere, the edits and changes from its predecessor – and the game still holds up today. It is one of the very few games I can replay over and over and never tire of it.

Resident Evil Mansion Interior
Resident Evil Mansion Interior. Image: Brent Little Creative

Many thanks for Brent Little for taking the time to sit down with Biohazard Declassified today. We can’t wait to hear from Brent once again to see where this project progresses. You can check out his walkthrough of the mansion on his YouTube Channel below:

Resident Evil Mansion Walkthrough. Video: Brent Little Creative- Youtube

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