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Resident Evil: During the Storm
Resident Evil: During the Storm

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Resident Evil: During The Storm February 2021 Showcase Breakdown

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We here at Biohazard Declassified have been slowly getting to know many of the people in the fandom, from casual fans to hardcore creators. Because of that, we’ve made opportunities to partner with members of the community for some amazing projects

To that end, we were given the chance to help as producers and with the promotion of the Resident Evil 2 total conversion mod, Resident Evil: During the Storm.

The Premise

Resident Evil: During the Storm is a total conversion mod, based on the Resident Evil 2 framework. That means that it uses the engine and framework of the original Resident Evil 2 from 1998. However, rather than simply modify some of the elements while leaving the overall experience intact, Resident Evil: During the Storm instead will be bringing an entirely new experience to players.

Resident Evil: During the Storm
Image: Biohazard Declassified

Fans of the Outbreak games will recognise the protagonist, Kevin Ryman. A member of the RPD, Resident Evil: During the Storm follows Ryman during the opening hours of the Raccoon City outbreak. The team hopes to bridge the gap between Resident Evil 2 and Outbreak, sticking closely to the established lore surrounding both stories.

The Team

The team behind this mod are known entities in the Resident Evil community. The lead on the project is Resevilnemesis30, the original creator of the popular Resident Evil 2 mod, Mortal Night. Together with a team of like-minded and similarly-skilled modders, the Resident Evil Classic Modding Group, and in association with Biohazard Declassified the ultimate wish is to create a new page in the Resident Evil lore book that fans can be proud of.

This mod will be made with the PC Sourcenext version of Resident Evil 2, using the REbirth patch created by Gemini. The team will be bringing years of experience in this playground to the table, ensuring that the game will be one of the most polished fanmade experiences ever seen.

Resident Evil: During the Storm will even involve original music and characters, and feature set pieces that fans will have never seen before.

Resident Evil: During the Storm
Image: Biohazard Declassified

The Story

Resident Evil: During the Storm follows Kevin Ryman as the people of Raccoon City find themselves in the most horrific experience of their lives. Many have barricaded themselves inside the Raccoon City Police Department, hoping to hold off and survive. However, they are ill-equipped for the long haul, and panic is starting to take hold of the populace.

As Ryman, you’ll be tasked with fighting threats from both the outside and the inside. You’ll have to make sure to manage what supplies there are, and hopefully, you can bring everyone out of this alive.

Resident Evil: During the Storm
Image: Biohazard Declassified

The Gameplay

With the survival of both yourself and others at stake, the gameplay of During the Storm will be different that players have ever seen in a Resident Evil game before. Your choices, combined with when you make them, will affect how your story plays out. This means players will see dozens of possible outcomes in Resident Evil: During the Storm.

The game features a timer, which will probably bring to mind thoughts of Dead Rising for longtime Capcom fans. However, this timer will be less restrictive, signifying changes in the environment and windows in which certain actions can be completed.

With this timer in place, who lives and who dies will come down to how well you can manage your resources. This all culminates in a total of 8 main endings for Resident Evil: During the Storm, as well as minor variations within each.

As for enemy counts, the team has departed from the high threat counts of Mortal Night. That being said, enemies will now be able to follow Kevin between rooms, meaning that simply leaving an area won’t stop your pursuers.

To counter this, players can use keys to lock doors behind themselves. This will block some enemies from passing through. However, this isn’t always an option, and not all enemies can be kept at bay this way. You’ll have to be intelligent with your approach.

The team has even created new enemies, meaning that even veterans of the franchise will have to adapt to new threats.

Resident Evil: During the Storm
Image: Biohazard Declassified

The Inventory

Inventory, as always, is an important facet of gameplay. In Resident Evil: During the Storm, Kevin only has 6 inventory slots, and item boxes aren’t always present. This means that every time you enter an area, you’ll be make a decision on what you want to bring with you into it.

To top it off, weapon upgrades will no longer be combined with their base weapon, but will instead be a separate entity entirely. For example, there are 3 weapons that use handgun ammunition. While you’ll occasionally find boxes of handgun ammo, you’ll be more likely to find magazines that only work with a single weapon.

Resident Evil: During the Storm
Image: Biohazard Declassified

As such, what weapon you bring with you will potentially be decided on the magazines that you have lying around, not simply on the best weapon for the job.

The World

The final bit of information that the team has given us is the environment itself. The game features a partially open world design, in a way not unlike Dark Souls games have done.

Rather than the generally linear paths of the normal Resident Evil games, the world of During the Storm will be fairly open to you. There will still be locked doors here and there, but for the most part, the streets seen in Resident Evil 2 and Resident Evil 3 will be open to explore. There will even be some new areas.

Resident Evil: During the Storm
Image: Biohazard Declassified

These areas in Resident Evil: During the Storm will have a host of side quests, which you can complete at your leisure. However, while most games would have these side stories be self-contained, whether or not you complete these missions will play an integral role in the fate of yourself and the 40 NPC’s that are found throughout the game.

The End

While we obviously can’t know for sure how long Resident Evil: During the Storm will be, we can speculate. Given that the game includes environments from Resident Evil 2, Resident Evil 3, and even Resident Evil 1.5, it should take at least twice as long to get through as the original did.

Resevilnemesis30 and the team hope to have this mod out for players to enjoy within 2021. With that in mind, Biohazard Declassified will keep everyone up to date on where the game is at. You can even watch our team play the Calm Before the Storm demo here.

We can’t overstate how exciting it is to not only be part of this community project, but to be such a closely-connected part of it at that. All of us here at BHd are fans before we’re journalists, and it means the world to us to be at ground level for such a passion project.

Keep your eyes here for future updates!

You can currently download the Calm Before the Storm demo of Resident Evil: During the Storm by visiting

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