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Resident Evil: During the Storm ‘Calm Before the Storm’ Public Demo Available Now - 1 min read

Have you had a chance to experience the “calm before the storm”?

Resident Evil: During the Storm Calm Before the storm

The Resident Evil Classic Modding Group has publicly released the first demo for the widely anticipated Resident Evil: During The Storm.

Resident Evil: During the Storm, is a total conversion mod, based on the Resident Evil 2 framework. That means that it uses the engine and framework of the original Resident Evil 2 from 1998. However, rather than simply modify some of the elements while leaving the overall experience intact, Resident Evil: During the Storm instead will be bringing an entirely new experience to players.

Resident Evil: During the Storm

Fans of the Outbreak games will recognize the protagonist, Kevin Ryman. A member of the R.P.D., During the Storm follows Ryman during the opening hours of the Raccoon City outbreak. The team hopes to bridge the gap between Resident Evil 2 and Outbreak, sticking closely to the established lore surrounding both stories.


Download the Resident Evil: During the Storm demo

You can download the ‘Calm Before the Storm’ public demo from You will need a copy of Resident Evil 2‘s 2006 ‘Sourcenext’ Japanese version to run the game. It is as simple as dropping the install files into the directory of the game.

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