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Resident Evil The Board Game
Resident Evil The Board Game

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Resident Evil Board Gaming is Coming

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Resident Evil: The Board Game, developed by Steamforged Games, is a tabletop recreation of the events of the original RE game. The board game was announced on Tuesday and will launch its Kickstarter campaign later this fall, with Steamforged promising that it will be “unlike any” other campaigns that backers have seen.

Although the specifics of Resident Evil: The Board Game are unknown at this time, based on its one-minute announcement trailer, it appears to feature several characters from the game’s story as well as plenty of zombie figures to populate the halls of the Spencer Mansion. The tabletop game will be playable by one to four players, with games lasting approximately 90 minutes, according to its listing on the Steamforged Games website.

Resident Evil The Board Game
Image: Steamforged Games

Fortunately, while waiting for Resident Evil: The Board Game, Steamforged Games has a few other Resident Evil tabletop experiences that may pique their interest. RE2: The Board Game is now available and appears to play similarly to the upcoming tabletop rendition of the first game. Furthermore, RE3: The Board Game is now available for pre-order and will be available in late October.

Source: Steamforged Games

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