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Resident Evil Ambassador Programs to See New Features Next Year - 2 min read

According to a Tsuyoshi Otani, Ambassadors are going to be seeing some interesting changes to the program.

Resident Evil Ambassador

According to a Tsuyoshi Otani, who’s in charge of the Resident Evil Ambassador program, Ambassadors are going to be seeing some interesting changes to the program.

His announcement led with an expression of slight disappointment over Resident Evil 2 getting passed up at The Game Awards. However, he was gracious in defeat and claimed FromSoftware on Sekiro‘s winning of Game of the Year. However, he was also clearly gunning for victory next year with Resident Evil 3.

First, the Ambassador program is getting a new ranking system. Through this system, members will earn points by participating in the surveys and such that Ambassadors receive through email.

resident evil ambassador
Resident Evil Ambassador ranks. Image: Capcom

The four ranks are Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum. Through this system, you’ll get better chances of making the list for playtests and other fan inclusion events.

He also teased that Ambassadors will be getting invitations to apply for a playtest for a completely new, unannounced title. They also will get priority seats at the upcoming Capcom game show booths, though when and where those will be is still unknown.

You can sign up for the Resident Evil Ambassador program here.

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