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Resident Evil Ada's Mod
Resident Evil Ada's Mod


Resident Evil Ada’s Mod Gets Public Release

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The original Resident Evil games have quite the library of mods. From simple reskins to unique stories such as Resident Evil Mortal Night, Destiny, and the upcoming During the Storm mod, these games have become a playground for the modding community.

One such modder, Aydan Watkins, of recent notoriety for his version of a Barry Burton mod for the original Resident Evil, is back this time for a new game mod of the PC version of the game feature fan favourite femme fatal, Ada Wong.

Resident Evil Ada's Mod
Image: Aydan Watkins

The mod was until recently a Patreon exclusive but has now been opened to the public.

Resident Evil Ada’s Mod tells the story of Ada Wong and her mission to infiltrate the Arklay Research Laboratory and her escape as referenced in John’s Diary during the original game.

Resident Evil Ada's Mod
Image: Aydan Watkins

It features many unique changes and exciting gameplay elements new to Resident Evil such as new boss battles, enemies, items and so much more.

Aydan Watkins

Resident Evil Ada’s Mod Features

  • Changed Start Location & Items
  • Custom Cutscene
  • Custom Events
  • New Boss Battles
  • New Gameplay Mechanics
  • New Character & Monster Models/Textures
  • New Music & Sound Effects
  • New Item Icons/Models
  • Changed Enemy & Weapon Damage Values
  • Changed Monster Locations & Behaviours
  • Changed Some Puzzle Solutions
  • Changed Start & Ending Movies
Resident Evil Ada's Mod
Image: Aydan Watkins

The best part of this mod is it is a stand-alone mod and that does not require you to have the original game installed, which means no coding or fancy computing required!

Just follow this link to download the .ZIP file, extract it to your desktop and then run the .EXE file!

You can support the mod creator on Patreon here.

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