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Resident Evil 7 Still Selling Strong, Even For VR

Capcom recently released a sales report on Resident Evil 7.

Resident Evil 7 Biohazard
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Resident Evil 7, while not universally loved, can hardly be called a failure.

Capcom recently released a sales report on the installment, and those sales near 7 million, falling in at 6.8 mil. That’s not very shy of RE6‘s 7.4 million lifetime sales, the number to beat.

Resident Evil 7 sales numbers
Resident Evil 7 sales numbers. Image: Capcom

What’s especially interesting is that about 16 percent of those players (around 1 million and some change) actually play the game in VR.

While the traditional medium still reigns supreme, I can personally vouch for the truly amazing VR experience that 7 presents. Its grimy, brutal gameplay pair with it well, making it a must-try.

While 2 doesn’t include VR support (without mods), and 3 is unlikely to as well, we have to look forward to seeing if Capcom will revisit virtual reality someday.

Perhaps Resident Evil 8?

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