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Resident Evil 6 Vinyl Soundtrack from Laced Records Preorder - 2 min read

Resident Evil 6 soundtrack

Image: Boris Moncel

Laced Records hasn’t let us down yet. They started from the beginning with Resident Evil, and have forged ahead without stopping since. For every installment, they’ve released a vinyl of the official soundtrack.

Next up on the list: Resident Evil 6.

While certainly not universally adored, music is certainly not a failing point of Resident Evil 6. The music lives up to the reputation of the series while delivering action vibes alongside the atmosphere.


With a sleeve featuring art by Boris Moncel, this 2-vinyl set comes in standard black or special edition “Coke Bottle Green”, which honestly looks fantastic.

The pre-orders are available now for $35, and Laced will be shipping the vinyls in March of next year.

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