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Resident Evil 4 Switch Update - 1 min read

Bug fixes

Resident Evil 4

Update Alert

Resident Evil 4 on the Nintendo Switch appears to have received a small update minor update (Version 1.0.1).

As of now, no major changes are noticeable and looking at the version number, it’s more than likely bug fixes or minor UI or AI tweaks.*

Of course, some fans are still upset that a patch for motion controls similar to that of the Nintendo Wii hasn’t been released.

Leon drawing gun Resident Evil 4 Nintendo Switch
Image: Capcom

Resident Evil 4 on the Switch is essentially a straight port of the Xbox One/PS4 HD Edition. While this makes for impressive graphics, part of RE4’s appeal was the motion controls when released on Wii.

Obviously, for the initial release, it makes the most sense for Capcom to directly port the existing HD for it being the easier option and with the Switch’s base being mostly newer gamers. They probably don’t even know about how unique using the Joy-Con controllers really were.


It’s Still Early

I wouldn’t say Capcom doesn’t still have this in the pipeline. No official word from them has said that it won’t happen, so there’s always hope.

Until then, it looks like the Switch version of Resident Evil 4 for still isn’t the ‘definitive’ port of this gameplay and franchise-changing title.

Update July 12, 2019 8:23 PM PST

According to redditor, PeanutButtocks, on r/NintendoSwitch the patch apparently fixes an aiming bug that occurs after shooting an explosive.

*When the patch notes are available, you will be able to read them here.


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