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Resident Evil 4 Village Recreated in Far Cry 5’s ‘Dunia’ Engine - 2 min read

YouTuber Mojo Swoptop has recreated the village from RE4.

Resident Evil 4 Mojo Swoptops

As we eagerly anticipate more information being released on the supposed Resident Evil 4 remake, a budding Far Cry 5 enthusiast Mojo Swoptops decided to painstakingly recreate the iconic Pueblo Village from Resident Evil 4.

Mojo Swoptops prides themselves on ‘recreating iconic locations in the Far Cry Map Editor on Playstation 4′, being featured on many sites like IGN, Destructoid and PC Gamer.

As discussed in their video, Mojo mentions that “the entire scene took around 4 hours to complete”.

image 2
Image: Mojo Swoptops

They have a timelapse recording on their channel showing the entire process including some awesome final promotional shots. Mojo has also gone on to re-create the Cemetary too.

image 3
Image: Mojo Swoptops

It gives you a small glimpse of what a next-generation Resident Evil 4 could look like if all is to be correct from recent rumours. It is also great to see the Far Cry 5 engine used so diversely in essentially re-creating other games in their built-in map editor.

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