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Resident Evil News

Resident Evil 3’s Voice Cast - 4 min read

Resident Evil 3

Here is the official main voice cast for the Resident Evil 3 remake.

Nicole Tompkins – Jill Valentine

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Image: IMDd

IMDb: Nicole Tompkins is a Texas-born actress whose work includes theater, film, voice-over, video games and television. She most recently starred as the iconic Jill Valentine lending her voice and full performance capture to bring the role to life in Capcom’s remake of the fan favorite game Resident Evil 3.

David Cockman – Nemesis

Resident Evil 3 Nemesis
Image: Capcom

IMDb: David Cockman is known for his work on Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney: Spirit of Justice (2016) and Resident Evil 3 (2020).

Darren O’Hare – Brad Vickers

maxresdefault 3
Image: GamerHubTV

IMDb: Born and raised in Long Island, NY, Darren joined the Army as an Intel Analyst where he quickly excelled to Counter-Intel Agent. After completing his service in the military, Darren moved to Los Angeles to pursue a career in the entertainment industry.

Jeff Schine – Carlos Oliveira

marvels avengers voice actors cast steve rogers jeff schine
Image: Shacknews

IMDb: Jeff Schine is known for his work on Without a Clue (2005), Division III: Football’s Finest (2011) and Resident Evil 3 (2020)

William Hope – Mikhail Victor / Dr. Bard

Image: Everything Theatre

IMDb: William Hope joined the National Youth Theatre in London after high school and performed for three seasons with them. During that time he began training at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art (RADA). In the mid 80’s he was offered a major role in Stanley Kubrick’s “Full Metal Jacket” but passed on it for a lead in James Cameron’s Aliens (1986) as Lt. Gorman.

Sterling Sulieman – Tyrell Patrick

Sterling Sulieman Vince Trupsin feat 1500x793 1
Image: Chilled Magazine

IMDb: Sterling Sulieman is an American actor from Oahu, Hawaii. While he may have attended Punahou High School like Barack Obama, he has no aspirations of becoming the President of the United States. Unless it’s in a Motion Picture or Television Show. Or if this whole acting career thing doesn’t work out. Then, maybe a presidency. But let’s not bet on that.

Neil Newbon – Nicholai Ginovaef

Image: BBC

IMDb: Neil was born and grew up in Solihull, West Midlands, UK. He is the son of Sports Presenter and Producer Gary Newbon and Katie Newbon. He is the twin brother of Laurence Newbon and older brother of Claire Newbon. He is based in London and Los Angeles and works in Film, TV, Theatre and High profile Computer Games. He studied with the National Youth Theatre of Great Britain and with the acclaimed teacher Giles Foreman at GFCA.

Ken Lally – Robert Kendo

Image: Bloody Disgusting

IMDb: Ken has been in dozens of plays in NYC and LA, but his two favorite roles were on TV: the first on “General Hospital”, where he played “Greg”, a mob accountant for the show’s resident gangster, “Sonny Corinthos”; the second on “”Heroes”, where he played a notorious super villain known only as “The German”. For most of his life, Ken’s love of Shakespeare has been the driving force behind his career as an actor.

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