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Resident Evil 3 Gamergen Leak
Resident Evil 3 Gamergen Leak

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Resident Evil 3 Gameplay Impressions

What we’ve all been waiting for.

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Capcom has finally released gameplay footage of Resident Evil 3, giving us a bit of everything; we see plenty of Nemesis, as well as the dodge mechanic, combat in the streets, and face time with the cast.

When it comes to gameplay, we can see some of the action upscaling that was presented in the original transition from 2 to 3. Jill is capable of dodging. What’s interesting is the addition of a slow-motion mechanic. Judging by the video, it seems that there’s a small window of time where, if you dodge, you enter slowed time, allowing you to whip around and counterattack the enemy.

On top of this, Jill seems more capable than Leon and Claire, no doubt due to being more experienced. Her reactions are more levelheaded, and she willingly engages more frequently.

The strongest showing, however, comes from the enemies. We see a couple of new enemies, seemingly the Drain Deimos and Hunter Gammas. The former has a bit of a spider form now, while the latter is now more fleshy and grotesque.

The Hunter Gamma gets special mention for completely swallowing Jill whole should she fail to evade them. The sickening crack shows us that the sound design has been brought up to 11 this time around.

Of course, I haven’t even mentioned the star of the show, Nemesis. His presence immediately demands attention, and his range of abilities shakes up the gameplay loop immensely.

First and foremost, he has the ability to use his tentacle arm to drag Jill from a distance, bringing her into close range. He also boasts a punching combo, making him much more difficult to dodge than Mr. X.

Probably most terrifying is his mobility. He can full-on sprint, as well as do a full leap to cut Jill off while she escapes. Just like his original iteration, his size belies a lightning movement speed.

Everything shown of the gameplay is promising, showing that the development team is looking to imitate the original in as many ways as possible. This means taking what 2 did right, and ramping it up for a more experienced, more badass protagonist.

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