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Resident Evil PS UK Magazine
Resident Evil PS UK Magazine

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PlayStation Magazine UK Unveils More Information on Resident Evil 3

PlayStation Magazine has given us a lot of great details to prepare us for the April release of Resident Evil 3.

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With Resident Evil 3 coming in less than 90 days, saying the community is hyped is an understatement.

With the success of 2019’s Resident Evil 2, RE fans have been calling for a remake of RE3 since the moment the 2 launched. After the initial trailer reveal at Playstation’s year-end State of Play, we learned that RE3 had in fact been in development for some time and had been delayed, leading to RE2 to release alone.

Today, Reddit user @wolfiepl gave a shortlist of everything discussed in the PlayStation Magazine UK article, dropping even more details on our next adventure in Raccoon City.

Here’s What We Know

  • The Nemesis AI is built on an improved version of the AI ​​developed for Mr. X in Resident Evil 2(2019).
  • A full-scale, real-life Nemesis was created for photogrammetry scanning.
  • While it will not be an “open-world” experience, do expect a lot of areas to explore. We will be returning to the streets of Raccoon City, as well as the shops, Stagla Gas Station, Raccoon Press Offices, the Raccoon City Hospital.
  • ⁠Sound will play a very crucial role in surviving and preparing for dangers.
  • Carlos confirmed as a playable character.
  • The mutant worms are returning, so get ready for the Gravedigger.

Here’s What is Not Returning

  • The choice mechanism before interacting with the Nemesis, which could give the player different outcomes or advantages (ex. Eagle Parts), will not be returning for the remake.
  • Along with that, there are no more alternate endings to the game.
  • The Mercenaries mode will also not be featured.

This is definitely a lot to take in, and personally I’m sad at the fact that Mercenaries won’t be returning to current-gen consoles. It’s most likely due to the fact that Resident Evil Resistance will be launching as the multiplayer campaign for Resident Evil 3, however, maybe we’ll see Mad Jackal return at a later time as DLC. *Fingers crossed*

We’re also expected to receive another trailer this month, that will hopefully show off more of what we’ve learned and maybe get a first look at other characters like Dario. There’s still no word if a demo will be released, which seems unlikely now with the RE2 R.P.D. Demo updating, though hopefully, we learn more with the next trailer drop.

*Cover Image: PlayStation Magazine UK

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