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Resident Evil 3 Carlos
Resident Evil 3 Carlos

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Resident Evil 3 Remake Regional Pricing Might Deter Some Fans

Capcom has made some very strange choices in their international pricing for Resident Evil 3.

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Here in the US, we’ve grown accustomed to a rather consistent pricing structure for video games; if it’s new and standard, it’s 60 bucks. However, conversion rates mean that some countries don’t have such a luxury.

For example, in Australia, they often find themselves paying around $90 for a new game. In fairness, this translates to be about the same price as we pay, but it’s not always that simple.

In countries where the average wages are low, oftentimes developers and publishers will soften the blow of buying a video game by lowering the price. Valve themselves actually give a baseline price recommendation to those publishing through Steam.

However, for some reason, Capcom has made some very strange choices in their international pricing for Resident Evil 3.

For the US, nothing is different. But other countries are getting wildly varied prices, ranging from beneficially low to unfairly high.

Just how varied is the pricing?

In the low category, Brazilian fans will only be paying 130 real, which translates only slightly north of 30 bucks here stateside. A steal, no doubt.

One of our viewers sent us a screenshot of his tweet to Capcom about the regional pricing in Argentina where a player will have to spend around $70.00 USD to buy the game.

re3 pricing
Screenshot provided to us on RE3 pricing. Image: @NorrumPlexus
RE3 Pricing
ARS to USD. Image:

That might not sound bad at first read to many, but considering that the minimum wage in Argentina according to Trading Economics is 16,875 Argentine Pesos ($282 USD) it’s a hefty price to pay.

Even crazier still, Israeli players will be paying 287 new shekels, a whopping $82.19!

While these are the polar examples, the prices run the gamut, leading many to wonder what exactly is going on. It’s also, unfortunately, leading many to expect to have to pass on Resident Evil 3, not in protest but rather out of frugality.

So far, Capcom has yet to comment, though we reached out to a community rep to see what’s going on. They assured us that the situation had been brought to their attention, but had no more information at the time.

We will be watching this and giving updates on regional pricing as they become available to us.

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