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Resident Evil 3 Pharmacist Safe Guide (Aqua Cure Puzzle) - 2 min read

Resident Evil 3 aqua cure safe

Raccoon City’s Downtown area is the first place you really get to explore in the Resident Evil 3 remake. There are several buildings, alleyways, and rooftops to explore, most containing goodies to help you in this section and later in the game.

It also houses the game’s first safe that you can find in one of the buildings on the second floor. Follow this handy guide and you’ll have it cracked in no time.

Cracking Resident Evil 3‘s Pharmacist Safe Code

There are two routes you can take to access the safe. You can either turn right and head up the stairs and take another right before entering Moon’s Donuts or you can enter the restaurant come out on the other side and turn right and head towards the pharmacy and use the fire escape on the right side of the road to travel up to the second floor of the building. Inside you’ll have to take care of a few zombies, and you’ll see a safe inside of a cabinet and a notebook lying on a table nearby.

Resident Evil 3 aqua cure safe
Image: Capcom

If you read the notebook on the table you’ll see a diary entry from the pharmacist (which can be found dead against the wall) hinting that no one will be able to find out the safe code because it’s a secret between him and his “Aqua Cure queen”. This is your hint.

Resident Evil 3 aqua cure safe
Image: Capcom

Now you’ll want to head back outside down the fire escape and enter the pharmacy on the opposite side of the street. Watch out for the construction zombie laying in the entry way, he’ll lunge at you once you begin to head inside make short work of him and head to the back.

On the back wall of the pharmacy, you’ll see a massive Aqua Cure advertisement with parts of the phone number circled in red along with directional arrows. The code reads: Left 9, Right 1, Left 8.

Resident Evil 3 aqua cure safe
Image: Capcom

Now head back out, go across the street, up the fire escape and back into the safe room. Use the code on the safe and you’ll be rewarded with a sight for the starting handgun. Congrats! You just cracked the first safe in Resident Evil3!

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