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Resident Evil 3 Parasite Status Effect Removal - 2 min read

Resident Evil 3 Drain Deimo

Resident Evil 3 remake’s Drain Deimos might be squishy when confronted with a shotgun, but they can be quite annoying with their unique ability to affect your health status. These creepy crawlers can grab Jill and lay eggs inside her which will eventually lead to death if not cured. Follow this quick guide to make short work of this effect.

Before you can enter the Subway power station, you’ll have to grab the lockpick from a dead man in the alley to the left of the door. Once you use the lockpick, you’ll enter a cutscene that has Jill attacked by a Drain Deimo which infects you with the Parasite status.

Resident Evil 3 Drain Deimo
Image: Capcom

Removing the Parasite Status Effect

This status is shown in the health bar with tiny squirming parasites. Your screen is also an indicator of the infected status as it will slowing start being covered with red veins and will the visible area will begin to fade as time runs out. While infected Jill will also move slower and move as if she’s injured. Fixing this status as quickly as possible is crucial with the amount of Drain Deimos in the power station and with how fast they move.

Luckily there’s a super simple cure to this inconvenience, all you have to do is use an herb and Jill will puke out the parasite larvae and return to normal (This is also hinted to in a notebook in this section of Resident Evil 3). You can use either a green herb or a mixture of red and green, which I wouldn’t recommend unless your health is low or you have plenty of herbs.

Note: you have to use a herb as First Aid Sprays or Recovery Coins will have no effect.

Resident Evil 3 Drain Deimo
Image: Capcom

There are two herbs at the entrance of the area and two more inside the power plant which should be more than enough to survive until you reset the breakers and head out. Keep in mind you can be infected multiple times so be sure to avoid or take out the Drain Deimos as fast as possible to avoid using up all your herbs.

Another thing to note is this is the only portion of the Resident Evil 3 where you HAVE to use a healing item, all other areas you can remain on caution or use recovery coins to get the achievement for using one or less healing items in a playthrough.

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