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Resident Evil 3 File Size and Space Requirements - 1 min read

just like in a survival horror game, console owners will have to bring their item management skills into the real world.

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The eternal struggle for the console gamer comes in the form of space. If you play on a living room platform, you’ll invariably come up against storage limitations.

With that in mind, the size of Resident Evil 3 just might cause some to have to say goodbye to some of their downloaded library titles.

The main campaign itself is going to be 21.93gb. While certainly not the biggest game ever, it’s also not a small price to pay. On top of this, Resident Evil Resistance is going to be an additional 20.47gb.

Resident Evil 3 PS4
Playstation 4 storage requirements. Image: Playstation Store

This means that, when all is said and done, the entire experience for Resident Evil 3 will cost you north of 40gb to store.

Resident Evil 3 XB1
Xbox One storage requirements. Image: Mircosoft Store

Console fans (like myself) might have to make the hard choices once April rolls around. Perhaps it’s time to tell a few of your games that survival is THEIR responsibility.

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