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Resident Evil 3 Mod Brings Ellie from TLOU 2 to Raccoon City - 3 min read

Resident Evil 3 Ellie TLOU 2

You might not be able to play The Last of Us 2 on PC, but that hasn’t kept known modder Darknessvaltier from bringing Ellie to the platform.

In Darknessvaltier’s latest mod, the player will be able to swap out Jill in the Resident Evil 3 remake with TLOU 2 deuteragonist Ellie.

This mod includes full facial expressions and also includes both Ellie’s Winter and Seattle costumes.

…And now I’m working on modifying the RE Engine to accept 8K textures.


Now previously Darkness had brought Ellie into Resident Evil 2, but what makes this mod more special is that the texture is in 8k with Subsurface scattering, making the skin so much more realistic.

Resident Evil 3 Ellie TLOU 2
Image: Darknessvaltier

Bringing this updated mod to Resident Evil 2 to swap out Claire is also in the works.

Also, Darkness has shown off screenshots sporting the TLOU 2‘s weapon holstering system also incorporated into Resident Evil 3.

Resident Evil 3 Ellie TLOU 2
Image: Darknessvaltier

How to install the Mod into Resident Evil 3

First, you’ll need to download the mod, which you can do by following this link to Nexus, a well-known hub for game mods. Once you’ve downloaded the mod, you’ll need the download and install the Fluffyquack Mod Manager. Once installed, copy the file named Ellie_TLOU2_By_Darknessvaltier.rar in .\modmanager\Games\RE3R\Mods and activate.

Once completed you can select the costume you want to use on the costume select screen.

The default costume is the Seattle costume, and the S.T.A.R.S. costume is replaced with the Winter costume.

Resident Evil 3 Ellie TLOU 2
Image: Darknessvaltier

If you’re a fan of The Last of Us, this mod is worth checking out. If you’d like to support Darknessvaltier’s work, you can do so on Patreon.

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