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Resident Evil 3 Battlesuit Jill
Resident Evil 3 Battlesuit Jill


Resident Evil 3 Mod Brings Jill’s RE5 Battlesuit

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In this mod from jimmyandresrg over at Nexus Mods, players can play as Jill Valentine in Resident Evil 3 donning her battlesuit from 5.

This mod replaces the default costume for Jill and requires Fuffy Manager 5000 to use.

Download and install Fuffy Manager 5000

  1. Download the files for Fluffy Manager 5000
  2. Extract these in a folder of your choosing
  3. Before running the mod manager, make sure all PAK files for 3 are unmodified by right-clicking the game in Steam and choose “verify file integrity”.
  4. Run the mod manager and select Resident Evil 3.

Install the Resident Evil 3 Battlesuit Mod

Battlesuit Mod in Resident Evil 3
Image: jimmyandresrg
  • Download the files provided by Nexus Mods.
  • Either drag and drop RE3 mods in RAR format onto the mod manager, or copy the file to the following location: [modmanager]/Games/RE3R/Mods.
  • Run Fluffly Manager, click Manage Mods and then click on the Battlesuit to install.

Now you’re already to go with a new costume to rove Raccoon City with!

Props to jimmyandresrg for the absolute level of detail in making this mod!

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