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Resident Evil 3 Leaks in France - 1 min read

This isn’t a leak, the whole dam has burst.

Resident Evil 3 Demo Nemesis

Sometimes, once a product is completed, it can be hard to keep it contained until launch. Oftentimes, a crack springs a leak, and someone somewhere realizes that you can retrieve a game early.

Unfortunately, that’s what seems to have occurred for Resident Evil 3; copies of the game have already begun to circulate in France.

IMG 3236
Image: Reddit

How it started exactly is hard to track down, likely to protect sellers who broke street date (the date a product is allowed to be sold). The most popular theory is it is tied to brick and mortar gaming stores having to close their doors due to the COVID-19 outbreak. Regardless of HOW, apparently many gamers have already obtained their disc.

Some even took to Twitch, however it seems that most of those channels have since been removed.

This also means that the internet is already flooded with videos, spoilers, and the like. Anyone trying to avoid such things, tread lightly.

Those who want to see before they play, you can find a lot of the information and videos here on the Reddit Megathread.

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