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Resident Evil 3 Nicholai
Resident Evil 3 Nicholai

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Let’s get real: Resident Evil 3 remake is better than you think

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Article submitted by: Andrew L.

Resident Evil 3 ​(2020) has been out for over three weeks and it was met with mixed reviews. I’m talking about ​mixed​ reviews. It has been criticized for stripping away so much, if not everything, from the original ​Resident Evil 3: Nemesis ​(1999). After playing both ​Nemesis ​(1999) and ​Resident Evil 3 ​(2020) back to back, I have to ask: what exactly was taken away from the source material?

Let me preface by saying I love ​Nemesis and it was the first Resident Evil game I beat. I remember seeing my mom walk into Blockbuster to be first in line to rent each Resident Evil title when it came out. She also never returned it on time, but that’s a story for another time. Comparing the games side-by-side, I can only see how ​Resident Evil 3​ expanded upon what Nemesis ​offered us, and here’s why…


Running through the streets of Raccoon City in ​Nemesis ​felt repetitive and not too many key locations stuck out to me. I walked through 101 “rooms” before making it to the game’s ending. An additional eight are optional (i.e. the boutique, the basement in Grill 13, etc). ​Resident Evil 3 ​gave us 181 “rooms” if you break down each doorway, stairwell, and ladder. So in a sense, ​Resident Evil 3​ actually provides much more than Nemesis​ did and has a lot more locations, larger scales, and more spaces.


Resident Evil 3 Mr. Charlie
Image: Capcom

Resident Evil 3​ expanded a lot of locations from the original. We get an extended RPD segment, the hospital is vastly upgraded and expanded, and the dead factory is now the NEST2. The Clock Tower is also included in ​Resident Evil 3​. Yes, the Clock Tower is included. When we take away the building interior, we only lose six iconic rooms. When we talk about Raccoon Park, let’s put into perspective what the “park” really offered. Two fountains, and bridge over a pond/lake, and a dirt path leading to a locked gate. I can’t say the remake stripped too much away from me there. There is also a mass grave in the RPD courtyard. So I guess a graveyard isn’t missing either.


The titular Pursuer himself has received mixed feelings as well. From his scripted entrances to not being as domineering as his original incantation. Let’s get real for one second. The original Nemesis was beyond scripted. We all knew when and where he would show up and how long he would chase us if we decided to flee. That being two to four rooms max. He is a hulking beast in ​Resident Evil 3​.

Resident Evil 3 Nemesis Trailer
Image: Capcom

Nemmy is relentless and he will pursue you with multiple entrances and cuts you off at times. Also, when you down the monster, he doesn’t stop there. In ​Nemesis,​ once he’s down, he no longer remains a threat. You could leisurely walk over his body and do a few quick turns for fun. You can’t tell me that you don’t book it out of there when he’s down in the remake. It sounds to me like he is much more of a threat this time around. Oh, and he can inject parasites into zombies making it even harder to navigate around the streets? Sure did strip away a lot there Capcom.

Nemesis Is Too Easy

If Nemmy is too easy then you need to stop throwing grenades, and the original didn’t offer grenades either. Also, it’s time for you to play on the next difficulty. No coins, defense books, nothing!


Locating key items to progress into the game does not count as a puzzle. The only puzzles in ​Resident Evil 3​ were the substation voltage puzzle, the three-clock puzzle, the fountain puzzle at the park, and the water sample (that we all hated anyway). Everything else was putting a key or battery in its place. ​Resident Evil 3 ​had its share of puzzles. The gem puzzle was back, the train system, a few safes, and the vaccine puzzle. When it comes to a sequel, remake, or reboot, it’s about taking what was previously given to us and building upon that.

Resident Evil 3 Lab Puzzle
Image: Capcom

We know ​RE3 ​offers more locations, a larger scope of events, a stronger storyline, and more screen time for our beloved characters. We take away what a badass Mikhail was, how Tyrell was tech-savvy and down for Jill, how Carlos had much more dialogue, more gameplay, and more hair. We know how Marvin became infected, how Nemesis got into the city and an awesome draw-dropping railgun sequence with an ​amazing Final Metamorphosis rendition playing in the background. They even brought back the end credits piece!

Final Thoughts

I, myself, am still mixed with ​Resident Evil 3​, I’m not going to lie. I wish Barry was here to rescue Jill and Carlos, but it shows they could take care of themselves. We don’t get the Gravedigger, but I do get to see the same dynamics and visuals with the new and improved Hunter Gammas. We also do not get the split-decision option, but let’s get real, we always pick the same options anyway and I don’t know anyone who chooses to ignore the monster instead of exterminating it. All in all, ​RE3​ is a great title and doesn’t take anything away from its grandpappy ​Nemesis.

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