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Resident Evil 3 Herbs
Resident Evil 3 Herbs

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Resident Evil 3 Herbs, Combinations, and Effects

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Herbs are a staple of the Resident Evil franchise. Various colors have had various effects over the series, but after getting smacked around by the undead, seeing a herb lying around will give you the health boost to get you by just a bit longer when you don’t have a First Aid Spray.

Not only can some herbs be used on their own, most can be combined with others to greater effect than using them on their own and some must be combined with others to use.

Here are the herbs, combinations, and effects in Resident Evil 3.

Green Herb

re3 herbs
Image: Capcom

Moderately restores health and will remove the Parasite Effect from Drain Deimos.

Red Herb

re3 heal
Image: Capcom

Red Herbs cannot be used on their own and must be combined with a Green Herb.

Green + Green

160800 capture 03282020 230604 amp main img 1
Image: Capcom

Restores more health than a single Green Herb and will also remove the Parasite Effect.

Green + Red

herbs resident evil 3
Image: Capcom

Fully restores health and removes Parasite Effect. The combination also allows you to not use so many Green Herbs.

Green + Green + Green

Resident Evil 3 Herbs
Image: Capcom

Fully restores health and removes Parasite Effect. However, this combination also uses a lot of Green Herbs for the same effect of a Green and Red Herb combination.

Unlike the Resident Evil 2 remake in 2019, Resident Evil 3 does not have the Blue Herb that can remove the Poison Effect and fortify your health.

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