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Resident Evil 3 Grenade Launcher Location - 2 min read

Resident Evil 3 Jill

The Sewers house the newly redesigned Hunter Gammas in Resident Evil 3 and also the second weapon you are able to receive, the MGL Grenade Launcher. This weapon will be critical in the upcoming boss fight with Nemesis and to help get you out of sticky situations later in the game. Don’t leave the Sewers without it!

MGL Grenade Launcher location

The MGL can be found while playing as Jill in the Sewers after escaping a run-in with Nemesis. After you lock the bulkhead door behind you, you’re cut off from communications with Carlos and will have to fight your way through Hunter Gammas and escape. This walkthrough is similar to finding the Battery Pack only taking a slight variation in the path. First, enter the Manager’s Office and grab the Sewer Map to help guide your way and then walk down the main tunnel and slide down the drain to reach the lower level.

Once on the lower area continue forward until you come to the fork in the tunnels and take the left fork. The right will take you to the Battery Pack, which you will need to leave the Sewers.


As you fight your way down the tunnel, you will come across a ladder that leads to a safe room that will house the MGL Grenade Launcher, a file on how to craft ammunition for it, and explosive material.

Resident Evil 3 Grenade Launcher
Image: Capcom

Now that you have the Grenade Launcher, you’ll be able to make short work of the remaining Hunter Gammas in the sewers and be in a good position to take down the Nemesis in your next encounter.

Resident Evil 3 Grenade Launcher
Image: Capcom

Make sure to search the Sewers thoroughly for more ammunition for this beast of a weapon and explosive material for crafting it as well.

The MGL will help make short work of the enemies you’ll come across as you continue your adventure in Resident Evil 3.

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