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What We Know so Far About the Gameplay and Story of Resident Evil 3

As we all are aware, Resident Evil 3 is returning. The action-oriented sequel brought many new features to the formula

Resident Evil 3
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As we all are aware, Resident Evil 3 is returning. The action-oriented sequel brought many new features to the formula of 2, including some action elements such as dodging.

Capcom has been rather generous with information this time around (possibly due to the overwhelming success of their prior installment), and have revealed some brief gameplay on top of it.

First, the gameplay

While we don’t see too much of it, a brief snippet of gameplay is better than nothing at all.

Resident Evil 3 Special Developer Message. Video: Capcom

For the most part, it looks to control very much like 2 did. However, a feature that was new to the original 3 now finds itself to be new again: dodging.

While other Resi titles have had dodging, the original Nemesis was notable for being the first to include such a mechanic. This helped to offset the unstoppable freight train status of Nemesis, giving you options outside of hoping you run faster than he sprints.

With this returning, the remake is looking to have the same actiony bent the original release had.

Then, the story…

The 2 remake shook up the canon quite a bit. Most of the familiar beats were present, of course, but other pieces were swapped for others.

It would seem that 3 will be following that example.

One of the notable changes that Capcom has telegraphed is that Brad won’t be the coward fans know him as. As a member of S.T.A.R.S., perhaps they felt the trope he originally embodied wasn’t a good fit.

Brad Vickers Resident Evil 3
Brad in Resident Evil 3 2020. Image: Capcom

Carlos has also changed in personality. What these changes will manifest as has yet to be seen, but a likely result will be that Carlos is much more mature in this installment.

All of these adjustments did wonders for 2, one can hope that the same will be said for 3 in April.

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