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Resident Evil 3 Development Reportedly Started Long Ago [Rumor] - 3 min read

To many of us, it wasn’t a guarantee that we’d ever see a Resident Evil 3 remake.

Resident Evil 3

To many of us, it wasn’t a guarantee that we’d ever see a Resident Evil 3 remake. 2‘s success was far above expectations, to be sure. The sequel was something we felt we had to hope for.

resident evil 3
Jill, Carlos, and Mikhail. Resident Evil 3. Image: Capcom

This feeling of uncertainty wasn’t helped but the fact that Capcom seemed unsure of the idea. They claimed that the success of 2 was the true deciding factor, allowing them the true level of interest in remakes.

This may have been a ruse, however.

Imran Khan, from Kinda Funny, has gone on record as saying that Resident Evil 3‘s remake was intended to be released alongside Resident Evil 2.

The story goes like this: Capcom, knowing that the story of Raccoon City needs to be told once more, decides to recreate two of the franchise’s strongest entries. They planned to release these two stories together, no doubt with a clever name. Something like, “Resident Evil: Tales From Raccoon City“.

However, along the way, they struggle with 3. They’re having no trouble with 2, but 3 is proving to be a challenge. What should they do? They’ve already made it clear that they intend to bring 2, a fan favorite, back into the fray.

The answer is to split them up. They decide to release Resident Evil 2 to the world and hope it doesn’t get torn to shreds.

…from what I understand, [RE3] and Resident Evil 2 were originally a part of one package, but it was too much work. The games were getting delayed and Resident Evil 2 was supposed to be released a year earlier than it did. So they split them up. That’s why [RE3’s remake] is coming so quickly… I think this has been worked on for three years. It was part of that initial package originally, that’s why they’re combining it with Project Resistance, [which was] initially another game that Capcom picked up and put the Resident Evil license on. They were like, ‘well, if we can justify [RE3] coming so soon…’ So they’re putting it together. Imran Khan, Kinda Funny’s State of Play Post Show

We obviously know that it was a gigantic hit.

This bolstered their belief that people wanted to revisit the infamous Raccoon City Incident. Thus, they doubled down their efforts for 3.

Releasing it alone felt cheap, however, so that also created Resident Evil Resistance, a multiplayer component, to sweeten the deal.

While this seems completely plausible, especially given the strange approaches that Capcom has been known to take, we don’t have anything more official.

That being said, it seems reasonable. The turnaround on this sequel is noticeably rapid. It stands to reason that 3 has been in the pipeline for some time.

Perhaps we’ll hear the full story from the devs someday. For now, it’s just a matter of waiting until April 3rd.

Resident Evil 3 is available for pre-order now.

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