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Resident Evil 3 Board Game Getting Kickstarted - 2 min read

Steamforged Games brings RE3 to tabletop.

Resident Evil 3
Resident Evil 3
Image: Steamforged Games

Board games are still a thriving industry, believe it or not. Many popular franchises have a licensed board game tie in, often attempting to emulate the feel of the original product. For example, DOOM has a (pretty solid) 1v4 board game.

Resident Evil is another such case. Resident Evil 2 has a board game, one that has gotten stellar reviews (and which is owned by our very own Dan).

Those same developers have taken to Kickstarter to attempt to capture that same magic by creating a Resident Evil 3 board game.

How this project will take shape is still unclear. However, publishers Steam-Forged Games have already become part of the scene. This prolific company makes many of the tie-in board games that hit the scene today.

Interested fans with a little extra cash to spare can invest in this project over at the Kickstarter page. If the project gets 2500 followers, the creators are going to be adding a special Jill Valentine figure to the set, so if you’re interested, get on that soon!

Resident Evil 3
Image: Steamforged Games

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