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Resident Evil 25th Anniversary Scotch Whisky

25 years of smoothness

Resident Evil Whiskey
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Resident Evil 25th Anniversary $350 Whiskey has been unveiled by Capcom, and while it may seem exorbitantly priced, it is certain to be delicious.

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Image: Capcom/Glenfarclas

The single malt scotch Resident Evil 25th anniversary $350 whisky is a premium product for individuals with exquisite taste, aged over 25 years by famed Scottish whiskey Glenfarclas Distillery.

The “Cask Strength” bottle comes in a special Resident Evil 25th anniversary box featuring the series’ emblem and anniversary, as well as a note from George Grant, the Glenfarclas Distillery’s 6th head.

The fire-distilled whiskey, which has a 51.6 percent alcohol level and 700ml of content, is said to have a flavor that can only be found in Japan. That makes sense, given that this appears to be an extremely limited bottling available only in Japan.

You can order one of these bad boys from Japanese retailers and supermarkets like Seijo Ishii for 38,500 yen, which, as previously stated, amounts to around $350 USD. Unfortunately, shipping outside of Japan is not available, so you’ll need a good buddy or a middle merchant to help you with the overseas shipments.

Source: Glenfarclas Distillery

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