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Resident Evil 25th
Resident Evil 25th

Resident Evil News

Resident Evil is Getting a 25th Anniversary Box Set in Japan

Hopefully the West will see this as well!

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It’s very obvious that Resident Evil is still going strong today. With some games in the series selling in the tens of millions, the series shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon.

Resident Evil also celebrated its 25th anniversary earlier this year, and the publisher is preparing to release a slew of boxsets to the gaming community. The disadvantage is that they will not be available worldwide.

The special Resident Evil sets will cover the entire franchise up to and including the most recent installment. There will be three boxsets in total. The first will include Resident Evil 0 as well as remakes of the first three games.

The second set will include Resident Evil 4, 5, and 6, while the final set will include RE7, Village, and a set of art postcards.

These new titles are being released to commemorate the series’ quarter-century anniversary. Unfortunately, it appears that they will only be available in Japan. As of the publication of this article, there appear to be no plans to release to Western countries. The boxsets will be available in Japan on November 25th for 5,900 Yen (approximately $54).

Resident Evil 25th
Image: Capcom

Of course, this does not mean that gamers in the United States or Europe will be unable to obtain them, as the sets will be available for import. However, according to our friends at Rely on Horror, the remakes, as well as RE7 and Village, will most likely be censored.

It would be a shame if Capcom didn’t release something for western audiences to commemorate Resident Evil‘s 25th anniversary, but something could be on the way that has yet to be announced.

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