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Resident Evil 2 Reaches Top 3 in Capcom’s Platinum Title List - 2 min read

Moving up the Platinum Titles list!

Resident Evil 2
Image: Capcom

The significance of the Resident Evil 2 remake can’t be understated. It gave old-time fans a powerful update to one of the all-time favorite titles in the series, and also brought new fans flooding onto the scene.

The true weight of this title is reflected in its sales numbers. Capcom states that it’s sold 7.8 million copies of Leon and Claire’s nightmare. That figure is stupefying, but it gets even better.

Resident Evil 2 Platinum
Image: Capcom

The Great Trinity

The Capcom Platinum Titles list shows every title they’ve created that’s surpassed 1 million units sold. Recently, Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy broke the threshold, standing amongst other greats like Resident Evil 4, Devil May Cry 5, and Street Fighter 5.


However, this list also has a secondary feature; weighing games against each other. Listed from highest to lowest, Capcom’s greatest achievements sit on top of the stack.

The prestigious first spot is currently owned by Monster Hunter World, with it’s absolutely crushing sales of over 16 million units. Taking that top spot from it will take a heavy title, no doubt.

However, both the second and third spots are held by arguably two of the most important titles in the series: Resident Evil 7 and Resident Evil 2, respectively.

Resident Evil 7 Platinum
Image: Capcom

Resident Evil 7‘s heavyweight of 8.5 million units sold ekes out above it, with it bringing a new perspective and new fans. Resident Evil 2, while long-awaited by fans, comes in at third, nothing to scoff at.

Future Contenders

While this list has some intimidating figures, it’ll be interesting to see it after Resident Evil Village and Monster Hunter Ride release later this year. Both titles are riding a tidal wave of hype, so it won’t be surprising if they fly to the top quickly.

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