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Resident Evil 2 Leon Claire Prime 1 Studio
Resident Evil 2 Leon Claire Prime 1 Studio

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New Resident Evil 2 Statues from Prime 1 Studio Announced

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It seems like the collectables just keep coming lately. With the Resident Evil 4 Ada statue, coins and medallions from Resident Evil 2 and 3 remakes, the Resident Evil 5 vinyl, and many other goods on the way, hardcore collectors will have a lot on their plate.

It now seems I have to add some more.

Prime 1 Studio announced recently that they’re going to be making amazing Resident Evil 2 statues, featuring protagonists Leon and Claire that seem to lock together if bought as a complete set.

These statues stand out to me for the obvious reason: it essentially visualizes gameplay. The zombie bullet impacts really make the piece stand out as worthwhile to me.

Unfortunately, right now, we only are aware that they exist. No other information has been given, aside from a 2021 release being planned. When we hear more, we’ll update everyone so that you can get your hands on one.

Resident Evil 2 Leon Claire Prime 1 Studio
Image: Prime 1 Studio

You can also check out their website to stay up to date and view their amazing line up of collectables here.

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