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Resident Evil 2 Marvin’s Mod is Coming…

God-tier modder and friend of Biohazard Declassified Aydan Watkins has another classic mod brewing…

Resident Evil 2 Marvin mod
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After the successful release of ‘Barry’s Mod‘, a total conversion modification of the original Resident Evil for PC. Everyone’s favorite modder Aydan Watkins is back again doing his bit for the Resident Evil community. This time in the form of a total conversion modification for Resident Evil 2, appropriately titled ‘Marvin’s Mod’. By the way, you can find the excellent ‘Barry’s Mod’ here on ModDB, which has just reached 1600 downloads!

As with any modding release, we reached out to the man, Aydan Watkins, to get his comments on the mod and what he’s bringing to the table.

Resident Evil 2 Marvin Mod
Resident Evil 2 Marvin Mod. Image: Aydan Watkins

Andy: So what’s the story?
Aydan: Marvin’s mod won’t be anything too drastic for the very first version, it’ll be a slight retelling of the Original Resident Evil 2 1998, but with RPD Officers we know and love, such as Rita and of course, Marvin (for now).

Andy: What are your ambitions for the mod?
Aydan: Ideally, I just want to make a short little mod where you play as other familiar characters and explore familiar locations. Change up item and weapon locations as well as enemies etc. Initially, nothing too crazy like what they have done with Resident Evil: Mortal Night, that stuff is WAY above my abilities!

Resident Evil 2 Marvin Mod
Resident Evil 2 Marvin Mod. Image: Aydan Watkins

Andy: When will we expect the release?
Aydan: I’d like to get the first release sometime in Q1 2020.

Resident Evil 2 Marvin Mod
Resident Evil 2 Marvin Mod. Image: Aydan Watkins

Many thanks, Aydan for answering our questions regarding the mod! It should go without saying that we are absolutely buzzing for this! Finally, if you want to check out Aydan’s initial gameplay demo from the mod, please see the video below:

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