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Resident Evil 2 Reddit Leak
Resident Evil 2 Reddit Leak

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Resident Evil 2… Director’s Cut? [Rumor]

According to a user on 4chan, at The Game Awards tonight major updates to RE2 will be announced, they are dubbing “Resident Evil 2 Director’s Cut”.

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When Geoff Keighley said we weren’t getting any information on Resident Evil 3 at The Game Awards tonight, he obviously wasn’t wrong. Resident Evil 3 and Resistance aired at Sony’s final State of Play Tuesday morning.

But what he didn’t say was if any new information about Resident Evil 2 would be announced.

Over the past month or so data mining on Steam has shown that Capcom has quietly been updating RE2 behind the scenes. At one point a mysterious placeholder achievement also popped up for the game that has now been confirmed to be a “Chasing Jill” achievement.

Now we don’t know what “Chasing Jill” currently has to offer, but from what we seem from the Xbox One version of the achievement, it might have to do with new DLC. This stems from the achievement photo featuring Jill and Robert Kendo together. Which we obviously didn’t see at the game’s release back in January.

However, a user on 4chan believes they have the answers.

Note: Everything stated below has not been confirmed or verified by Biohazard Declassified. We are simply reporting on information sent to our newsdesk.

According to an anonymous user on 4chan, they allege that at The Game Awards tonight major updates to the almost year-old game will be announced. That they are dubbing “Resident Evil 2 Director’s Cut”.

Resident Evil 2 Director’s Cut

First of the notable changes they allege are coming to the game is overhauls to the A and B scenarios to be more in line with each other and to make adjustments for the release of Resident Evil 3. They also claim there will be more added call scenes between Leon and Claire like the original. Ghost Survivor special zombies will be also be added to the base game, and a new boss encounter named “Black Widow”. They also allege that spiders will be making a return as will moths in the sewer. Finally, zombie Brad will be making a return as well.

4chan Post on "Resident Evil 2 Director's Cut.
4chan Post on “Resident Evil 2 Director’s Cut. Image: 4chan

Speaking of Brad, they also state that a prequel campaign will be announced where you will play as Brad.

Screen Shot 2019 12 12 at 7.41.29 AM
4chan Post on “Resident Evil 2 Director’s Cut. Image: 4chan

They end with alleging that the “Director’s Cut” will be free for all players who own the game. However, the Brad prequel will have to be purchased separately.

As of now the thread on 4chan has been archived and closed for comment. Its comment thread is a mix of criticisms, disbelief, but also hope.

As stated previously, we make no guarantee that any additional content, especially of this magnitude, will be added. Simply that this information however you chose. I remain skeptical, but I also think back to when Project Resistance was leaked as “Outbreakers” back in the Summer to the same response.

However, these all sound like brilliant ideas, and personally, I’d love to see them.

Maybe there will be something more to look forward to tonight other than RE2 taking home Game of the Year!

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