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Resident Evil 2 Marvin's Mod Desperate Times
Resident Evil 2 Marvin's Mod Desperate Times


Resident Evil 2 Marvin’s Mod Returns Players to the R.P.D.

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When playing the original Resident Evil 2, something always occurred to me.

What was Marvin doing to get himself in such a mess when Leon and Claire entered the R.P.D.?

This question was answered in Resident Evil Outbreak File #2 in the scenario ‘Desperate Times’, which chronicled the journey of Marvin and the rest of the R.P.D. Officers as they conjured their plan to leave the Police Station, and the City.

As the commanding officer, Lieutenant Marvin Branaugh guided his team to success, at the expense of his own life.

Image: Capcom

Returning to the R.P.D. in Outbreak File 2 was amazing, but what I really wanted was to play an additional campaign to Resident Evil 2, in its original form. However, our prayers have been answered.

image 1
Image: Aydan Watkins

Prolific Modder Aydan Watkins of Barry’s Mod Fame, is back with another fantastic total conversion, with a loose translation of the Desperate Times Scenario from Outbreak File #2.

Originally releasing exclusively on his Patreon, the Desperate Times mod takes you through the R.P.D. again solving puzzles and finishing enemies that you would have come across in the original RE2 campaign.

image 3
Image: Aydan Watkins

It even goes one step further and makes certain areas barricaded like Resident Evil 3, making it canonically compatible with the timeline of Raccoon City.

image 4
Image: Aydan Watkins

This total conversation is a must-play for any fan of the Original Trilogy games.

Aydan has now made this mod public and you can pick this up by following the link here.

It’s a simple installation that doesn’t require the original Resident Evil 2, just a simple extract and run the .bat file. It even supports Xinput controllers right out of the box.

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