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Resident Evil 1 Zombie
Resident Evil 1 Zombie

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6 of the Best “Worst” Resident Evil 1 Quotes

Here comes some cringe

3 min read
Resident Evil 1 game art

Image: Capcom

Capcom’s 1996 Resident Evil defined survival horror as a game genre. However, it wasn’t without cringy moments. Here’s some of our favourites.

1. Jill Sandwich

BarryThat was too close! You were almost a Jill sandwich!

Of course, we had to start the list off right with the most iconic line from the game.

Ugh. Now, I’m hungry…

2. Is That You?

Rebecca: Chris! It’s me Rebecca!
Chris: Is that YOU Rebecca?

Stressful situations can make it hard to remember things, but really Chris?


Barry: I’m going to find out what caused Forest’s death. It looks like he was killed by a crow or something!

The only thing more butchered than Forest in this Resident Evil scene is how these lines are delivered.

4. Ultimate Disappointment

Wesker: Chris… Stop it.

Okay, so this one is more about delivery than what’s said. Albert Wesker might be everyone’s favourite villain, but he’s not without his flaws. In the scene where he introduces Tyrant, Chris laughs and Wesker just comes off as whiny.

5. It’s Really P O W E R F U L!

BarryIt’s a weapon. It’s really powerful, especially against living things.

It’s true, not all weapons are made equal.

However, we can all agree that all of them are powerful against living things.

6. Speech 100

BarryWe should start from the first floor, okay? And, Jill, here’s a lock pick. It might be handy if you, the master of unlocking, take it with you.

For our final entry on this list is another oddly phrased and paced out by our favourite “master of dialogue”.

What did you think of our list? What lines do you remember from Resident Evil?

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