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Residence of Evil Livestream
Residence of Evil Livestream

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Residence of Evil Hosts Roundtable with Resident Evi 2 and 3 Stars

Really cool panel and fan outreach by ROE!

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Our friends over at Residence of Evil had the fortune of linking up with much of the voice talent from the recent remakes.

ROE([wp-svg-icons icon=”twitter” wrap=”i”]@roenetwork) teamed up for a charity Q&A Livestream for Crisis Aid International over the weekend with Nick Apostolides (Leon Kennedy), Stephanie Panisello (Claire Redfield), and Jolene Anderson (Ada Wong) from 2, as well as Nicole Tompkins (Jill Valentine), Jeff Schine (Carlos Olivia), and Neil Newbon (Nicholai Ginovaef) of 3!

Watch their exclusive hour long stream from Residence of Evil’s YouTube below!

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